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Photogrammetry Software

Computational photogrammetry has been around since the early days of computers. The increasing power of computers, the introduction of the modern graphical user interface, and the introduction of the mouse in the 1980's and 1990's allowed computational photogrammetry to be run on everyday desktop computers. It was now a tool accessible to a wide audience.

While there are many desktop and cloud photogrammetry offerings, here we focus on the credible commercial products with good support.

General Applications (terrestrial & drone/uav):

  • Context Capture & Acute 3D
  • PhotoModeler
  • PhotoScan
  • Pix4dMapper
  • Reality Capture
  • Recap

In addition, software that is more specifically aimed at just UAV / drone photograhy and is cloud based:

  • DataMapper
  • DroneDeploy

More traditional packages that are powerful aerial photogrammetry mapping platforms:

  • BAE Systems SOCETSET
  • DAT/EM International Summit Evolution
  • Intergraph Z/I Imaging
  • KLT Associates ATLAS
  • PCI Geomatics

Lastly, a specialized photogrammetry package aimed at very high accuracy industrial measurement:

  • GSI V-Stars

A brief comparison of many different packages can be found on the Wikipedia Photogrammetry Software page.



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